Mallo, more than 30 years of tradition in hams ...

Un poco de historia.

We started as a family business created by Pedro Mallo Ramos more than 30 years ago in the town of Pedroso de Acim, but because of the necessary homologation required by the C.E.E. We moved the facilities to the San José Obrero de Cañaveral Industrial Estate, while we expanded and modernized them.

We work with the brand "Alimentos de Extremadura" and we also dedicate ourselves to the elaboration of hams and shoulders with D.O. "Dehesa de Extremadura".

We fight for continuous improvement and we bet on innovation and creation of new products, hence our participation in important R & D projects together with the University of Extremadura and other Extremadura companies in the sector.

We are currently a company, "Jamones y Embutidos Mallo. S.L. ", which continues to make it possible for the MALLO brand to reach all of you.

We are dedicated to the preparation of hams, shoulders and all kinds of sausages, both white pork and Iberian pork.

We have a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 and an Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001. In addition, we are certified in the Quality Standard for meat, ham, shoulder and loin Iberian, as well as in the Specifications of the Serrano Ham-ETG (Traditional Specialty Guaranteed).