Jamones y Embutidos Mallo, S.L.

Founded by Pedro Mallo Ramos, MALLO started as a family run Business more than 30 years ago. It was primarily set in the town of Pedroso de Acim in the county of Cáceres (Spain). However, as it was required by the European Economic Community (EEC), the company was moved to the San José Obrero industrial area near the town of Cañaveral in Cáceres. At the same time, MALLO was expanded and modernized.

We are currently a company: "Jamones y Embutidos Mallo SL" (Cured Hams and Sausages MALLO Ltd.), which still makes it possible that MALLO brand reaches to you all.

We are specialists in the elaboration of Iberian and Serrano cured hams, cured shoulders of pork and any kind of sausages, both from the white and the Iberian pigs.

MALLO works under ISO 9001 Quality Management System policy and under ISO 14001, voluntary Environmental Management System policy.

Besides, it is certified in the Quality control for meat, cured ham, cured shoulders and loins of Iberian pork, as well as Specifications of Cured Ham Especially Traditional Quality Ensured.

We work together with the brand Products from Extremadura and we also deal with the elaboration of cured hams and cured shoulders of pork with DO (Designation of Origin) "Dehesa de Extremadura" (Quality Certified Autonomous Community of Extremadura, Spain).

We search for a constant improvement and bet for the innovation and creation of new products, as we participate in important R&D (Research and Development) projects together with the University of Extremadura and other companies from the group in Extremadura.

MALLO, S.L.  - Pol. Ind San José Obrero, Parcela- L -  Tel. : 927 30 02 79  Fax: 927 30 05 42 - 10820 CAÑAVERAL (Cáceres)
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